Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sabeer Bhatia set for internet play again

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail.com, is once derive trying to go forth a large grade in cyberspace.

The Silicon vale enterpriser on Monday said he was soon going to establish a new software system merchandise in the online space targetting a marketplace size of $20 billion per annum.

The merchandise will be launched by InstaColl, a Bangalore-based software system merchandise company in which Bhatia is the chairman. The merchandise will be launched in Mumbai in the adjacent two days.

"This volition be a world-class product. I believe the chances will be larger that what Hotmail did almost 10 old age back,¿Bhatia said on the outs of-bounds of Nasscom yearly merchandise conclave here.

He however declined to divulge additional item about the product. However industry beginnings state that the merchandise is something like the Microsoft merchandises which are being offered online. The merchandise was developed out of Bangalore by a squad of less than 100 engineers. "Every 1 with an Internet connexion can utilize the product," Bhatia added.

Bhatia said that he would not sell the merchandise to a large participants in the future. He had sold Hotmail to Microsoft in December 1997. InstaColl was co-founded by Bhatia with two other co-founders.

Sumanth Raghavendra and Kaushal Cavale in early 2005. InstaColl is one of Bhatia's three new ventures, the other two beingness Naveen Communications and Hotseasons.com, both based out of the US.

During the launch of the company earlier, Bhatia had said that Instacoll aspired to be the first made in Republic Of India merchandise success story. "Instacoll aimed to develop and supply software system and services that would transform the Internet into a personal medium for direct communicating and interaction," he said.

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