Friday, November 9, 2007

Can open workshops of social networks sustain biz?

Social web land sites like Facebook are good for reaching out to friends but they
are even better for those authorship software system programs. Facebook lets any
software developer to develop applications to be used by their members. Orkut
followed lawsuit and on November 3 announced their programs to allow independent
software developers make applications for the platform. MySpace did so two
days later. This
opportunity have got Indian software system developers like VVK Chandra of Mehboobnagar,
150 kilometer from Hyderabad, and Raj Niyogi from Kolkata, scrambling to set together
applications that tin be used on these societal networks. Now, these developers
have a shot at celebrity and redirection of traffic to their ain website from these
networks. They also have got a opportunity of making some money â€" not too much yet
though â€" by embedding ads inside the applications. The adult male behind the Facebook
application deemed ‘the Orkut killer’ by bloggers, Jitendra
Mirchandani is especially excited about this opportunity. His application allows
people to entree their Orkut business relationship through Facebook in a small window. This
product was a by-product inch the chase of a different goal. He wanted to utilize the personal
information gained from the monolithic Indian population in Orkut and convey forth an
application that could bring together people of similar interests. However,
Orkut didn’t let third-party developers to make this. So he built it in
Facebook. This resulted in MyOrkut â€" the Orkut killerâ€" which depends
on the advertisement model. But
even Mister Mirchandani is not generating too much cash. He states that 40,000 users
he have gained from his application, over the past 1 calendar month since his launch, is
just adequate to cover his hosting costs. He states to prolong a concern from an
application, it have to be sticky. Developing the adjacent ‘Top
Friends’ â€" 2.7 1000000 users, or ‘Super Wall’ â€"
1.7 1000000 users or ‘SuperPoke’ â€" 1.06 1000000 users is still
a long manner off. Even if an Indian developer was to develop something as
successful, it is clear that it will be for equal acknowledgment rather than money,
at least for the clip being. An
application within a societal web additions a user’s engagement with
the site. It lets the user to embed a programme on the users profile page. This
application could be a unrecorded weather condition report, a clock, a calendar, a picture game,
your front-runner YouTube videos, a day-to-day supply of celebrated quotation marks or cricket
scoreboard. According to
Adonomics, a ‘Facebook Analytics’ company, the peak evaluation for
an application, Top Friends, on Facebook is over $30,260,000, with over 19
million installings and 2.7 million active users. It simply lets users to
rate their friends. Founders of Citipals point com, are developing one such
applications for when Orkut open ups up.

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