Friday, June 29, 2007

SDHC - Speedier Values That Technology Denotes

The full form of SDHC is Secure Digital High Capacity. It is a card of higher capacity than most other cards, that is in the range of 4GB-32GB. It is a new SD memory card based on the SDA specification. This card was introduced by the SD Card Association.

SDHC are the standard media cards by the renowned technological brand company, Sandisk. Recently, SanDisk announced these cards will be available in the capacity of 8GB. This is the highest capacity available at present in the SD format. This means that these cards can hold upto more than 4,000 high-resolution pictures, and 2,000 digital songs.

These cards require a SDHC - compatible reader so that the card can be read by the computer when connected to it. This reader is marketed by the name of MicroMate reader.

These memory cards work in a different manner than other standard SD cards and may at times be incompatible with other devices that you would like to play it host to. Devices that are compatible with SDHC have its logo on their package. So be sure to check the logo out to ensure their compatibility with your flashcard. To determine the speed of your SD card, SD Association has defined 3 classes: They can be classified as Class 2: 2 MB/s, Class 4: 4 MB/s and Class 6: 6 MB/s. This gives you a better idea the worth of the data speed you are getting for your money.

When you equip yourself of this technology that makes use of flashcard memory, you ensure yourself greater storage space and a speedier functions with which to store them. Data transfer of even heavy files such as images, videos, music and movies become a matter of seconds. Flashcard format ensures that you can copy and store data and even delete it at will. Preserving your valuable information or your invaluable memories never had it easier, thanks to SDHC cards .

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