Monday, April 28, 2008

DNCC Names Microsoft Official Software and HD Web Content Provider for 2008 Democratic National Convention

Software Technology to Support Core Party Business in Denver, Offer
Dynamic Experience and All-Access Passing for Online Users DENVER, April 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Inch a move to make a
technically flawless event and prosecute more than people in the Convention
experience using cutting-edge technology, the Democratic National
Convention Committee (DNCC) today announced that Microsoft Corporation has
been named as the Official Software and HD Web Content Supplier for the
2008 Democratic National Convention, to be held August 25-28 in Denver. (Logo: ) "Microsoft's standing as an industry leader in software system development
makes them an ideal spouse for the DNCC," said Leah D. Daughtry, chief executive officer of
the DNCC. "From vote to put up the adjacent President of the United States
to adopting a national platform, there is a of import amount of important
Party concern that travels on at each and every Convention. Microsoft's
pioneering engineering will play an built-in function in powering the business
of the Party in Denver." As the Official Software and HD Web Content Provider, Microsoft will
provide the DNCC with engineerings and applications to heighten engagement
with Web viewers, delegates, members of the mass media and other Convention
guests and to back up delegate tracking, vote and the direction of
credentials. A basis of the DNCC's technologically-savvy event will be the
delegate vote system. During the nomination process, Microsoft technology
will back up a ballot system that volition supply up-to-the-minute delegate
vote sums electronically to the Office of the Secretary of the Democratic
National Committee, allowing timely coverage of ballot runs as compiled
by each delegation's Chair. The DNCC will use Microsoft software system to back up the delegate
tracking system to garner and pull off a battalion of information about
Convention participants. In addition, Microsoft engineering will back up the
creation of a software system platform to back up the DNCC's credentialing
operation, facilitating the direction and statistical distribution of certificate for
the event. And in a first for a political Convention, Silverlight, Microsoft's
platform for synergistic Web applications and HD video, in concurrence with
the Degree 3 Communications network, will convey live, gavel-to-gavel
Convention picture insurance of the peak quality to a worldwide audience
via the DNCC's Web land site at Silverlight multimedia
applications will supply an all-access base on balls for the Convention's online
audience, offering an unprecedented chance for viewing audience to individually
tailor their Convention experiences. "Microsoft is proud to be a engineering spouse for the Democratic
National Convention through our contribution of software, engineering services
and content," said Brad Smith, Senior Frailty President and General Counsel,
Microsoft. "Technology is playing an increasingly critical function in the
electoral process, and contributing to the Convention lets Microsoft to
help guarantee that the Democratic Party, its delegates as well as voters
watching in their places and on the Internet are able to take full advantage
of the benefits." In improver to usage development, Microsoft is providing the DNCC with
the up-to-the-minute in industry-leading software including concern productivity,
email, content services and real-time collaboration applications. While providing valuable technological tools in the Pb up to and
during the Convention, Microsoft will also lend to the DNCC's
"greening" attempts by trailing the company's C footmark for
Convention-related energy consumption, including all trips, deliveries,
shipping conveyance of commodity and staff air and land travel. The DNCC aims
to do this year's Convention the most environmentally-sustainable event
of its sort by applying sustainable planning rules to every decision
in the lead-up to the four-day event. About the DNCC: The 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee is the functionary arm
of the Democratic National Committee responsible for planning and
organizing the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. Paid for by 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc. Not authorized by any campaigner or candidate's committee.

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