Sunday, February 3, 2008

Intel to invest over $ 1 bn in India

Global bit shaper Intel will put more than than USD one billion in Republic Of India over the
next three old age as it seeks to set up light-weight personal computing machines in
partnership with North American Indian and foreign hardware firms. "We have got committed to spend
over a billion dollars spreading over adjacent three old age plus. We are focusing on a
number of new enterprises for enabling easy handiness of personal computers
(PCs) and broadband Internet in India," Intel Technology Republic Of Republic Of India Director-
marketing and trading operations Toilet Type A McClure said. The company is partnering with
foreign and Indian computing machine hardware trade names like ASUS Technologies, HCL, Wipro
and Zenith for preparing visible light weight easy-to-use Internet platforms. "From our Republic Of India experience, we
have learnt that mobility is particularly what even a first clip personal computer purchaser is
looking for. They desire lightweight products, that could run on battery for three
to four hours, is easy to hive away and doesn't take too much space," McClure said. The company is working on
different designings for specific marketplace segments. It is also preparing to
introduce Wimax engineering in India, the fastest radio BB shot technology
available at less cost than ocular fibres. "This is the best technology
to bridge over the PC-broadband Internet spread in India. With three million broadband
Internet subscription against a personal computer deployment of 35 million, Republic Of India have the worst
broadband-PC ratio in a big market," he said.

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